Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fort St John Annual Ladies Day Out Show

This past weekend I attended the annual Ladies Day Out show in Fort St John. I have attended it for the past 4 years and every year it seems to get better and better with more people coming out to see local business' in the community. I prepared over 400 cake samples and they were all gone by the last hour of the show.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of my booth, because I forgot my camera. On this one occasion my husband was supposed to meet me and help me set up, so he was going to bring my camera. When I got to the venue, he phoned me to tell me that our son was sick with a 24hr flu, so I had to set up on my own. When I got home after the show I took some pictures of a few of the cakes that were on display.
Unlike bridal shows, I do an assortment of display cakes for people to see, because a lot of the people who come to these shows are moms, grandmas and aunts.

Baby Shower cake in pastel colors complete with modeled baby animals.

Now when I go to these shows I always ask my kids for ideas for cakes for boys and girls. My son who is in Taekwando asked me to make a taekwando cake. So I grabbed his uniform and used it for inspiration. Here is his Taekwando shirt complete with belt and tips.

I designed this cake over 3 years ago based on my own wedding dress design. My wedding dress was white cotton eyelet over baby blue satin. I have taken this cake to several trade shows over the years and I was about ready to retire it, but it seems every time the response is overwhelmingly positive. PEOPLE LOVE THIS CAKE! Hmmm, maybe I will keep it around for a while longer.

Sometimes when you come up with a design and you think it is SUPER, yet you get the oddest or more like, LACK of response from people, then you think hmm, maybe the design was so great after all. THEN, on the other hand, you do a design that you think is "way out there" and people love it. This was the story of the KISSING COUPLE design. I thought of this cute idea of putting red lips all over a cake with a heart and silhouette of a couple kissing on top. Neat idea, right? Let me tell you that cake was so frustrating. Working with red icing is totally non-negotiable when it comes to errors. THERE is no room for making a mistake. You screw up and it is very hard to remove that red stain. It was very frustrating and time consuming to stencil all those lips and then brush them to add some texture. I wasn't too sure on the final outcome, but at the show it was ONE of THE most popular cakes at my booth.

Lastly, for all you winter brides out there, I designed this Silver Snowflake wedding cake. The outer layer of each tier was embossed with a snowflake stamp and then I created gumpaste snowflakes which were dusted with silver too.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Baking Anyone?

Can you believe it's only 8 weeks until Christmas? Before you know it, the holidays will be here and you will be rushing around getting your Christmas shopping done. What about all your Christmas baking? Can't be bothered or don't have time? Just Like Gram's offers Christmas baking packages suited for a variety of budgets. So, beat the rush and book your Christmas baking today!

Each package contains the following:
Butter Tarts, Christmas Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread Men, Chocolate Tartlets, Shortbread Snowflakes, Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods, Raspberry Ribbon Cookies, Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Dipped Brownie Bites, Christmas Butter Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Almond Logs, Almond Cranberry Bark, Homemade Marshmallow Whoopie Pies

Select a Package that is JUST right for YOU!
1) Just A Nibble $35.00 - a random assortment of 2 dozen treats
2) Family's Coming $85.00 - receive half-dozen of each treat
3) Tis' the Season to Celebrate $175.00 - one dozen of each goody

Also Available: Beautifully hand decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies & Christmas Chocolate Caramel Dipped Apples. We can even package them individually! Just the perfect Christmas party favour!
Dates Available for Pick up: Dec 3, Dec 11, Dec 18 and Dec 21.