Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It`s TRADE SHOW time again...

Well, it `s that time of year again. This past month we attended the 43rd annual CKNL trade show here in Fort St John. It`is one of THE BIGGEST trade shows in the Peace area boosting up to 16000 people in a weekend.  This year we were SUPER excited to be attending the  show since we decided a CHANGE was needed in our booth design. In the past, we have decorated our booth to go with a more elegant design.. black curt tans, table skirts and lavender tablecloths... you know a more elegant, poshy look.

Since the CKNL trade show is a more a relaxed, family oriented event, we decided to go with a more  homey look.  In came the burlap and lace..We wanted to go with a original storefront look, however I couldn't`t figure out how to create, build and transport a wooden counter  so I went with burlap. To make it more vintage, I added lace. LOTS and LOTS of lace.  My late grandmother had  crocheted me many lace table cloths and doilies, so I have a HUGE collection which came in handy. I also purchased wooden crates, picture frames and little knick-knacks  to complete the overall look.

I am SOOOO happy with the overall look. It was amazing,. Plus, the feedback I had from those attending the show was phenomenal. Every person who stopped by our booth said they loved the look commenting it was one of the nicest looking booths at the trade show.

We were super busy that weekend selling cupcakes, cookies and talking to all those who stopped by our booth to look at our `cake designs and answer questions.  At the end, we sold over 460 cupcakes, over 120 mini cupcakes, and over 120 cookies. I can`t wait until next year... got my thinking cap on already!