Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes All It Takes...

is a happy smile. I made these whimsical cupcakes swirled with vibrant shades of buttercream for a young girl's birthday. Each cupcake is topped with a fondant butterfly. When the young girl came with her dad to pick them up, her eyes lit up with joy. She was soooo happy! That's all it takes sometimes to make your day...a child's happy smile. Happy Birthday Victoria!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Charlie and the Flowers

Every cake created here at Just Like Gram's is personalized for every client. This cake was created for a lady whose favorite color was lavender. The one thing that was requested that we include was her favorite dog, Charlie, a wee white Scottie dog.

Figure Skate Cookies

Yes, we do cookies too. We can create any shape, size or theme of cookie for whatever the occasion may be. We were commissioned to create these figure skate cookies for the Fort St John Figure Skating Club Gala event this week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Because You're So Special...

A couple of weeks ago, we received a wonderful email from Kristy who wanted to do something special for her grandma who was turning 75. She wanted to order her a special birthday cake to celebrate. After talking to Kristy, I could definitely tell how strongly she felt about her grandma. It touched a personal note because I, too, care for my grandma. In fact, it was my grandma who taught me how to bake and has passed on her trusted recipes and her knowledge to me. No wonder, I named my business after her. Kristy chose a playful, whimsical design incorporating the February birthstone "amethyst" colors within the design.

I recently received a call all the way from the Northwest Territories. A lady wanted to order a birthday cake for her little girl. She explained that she was coming to Fort St John to do some shopping. Yes, larger business centers are a bit scarce north of Fort St John, and that her daughter would be celebrating her birthday while they were in the area. She chose a similar design I had completed in the past but with "girly" pink colors with lots of flowers and, of course, a chocolate "princess" crown.