Monday, May 4, 2009

"A Shopping We Will Go"

After the trade show, I headed to Edmonton for a much needed break and to do all my spring shopping for the upcoming wedding season. It also gave me a chance to visit my sister and her family. I also got the opportunity to be there to celebrate my nephew's 1st birthday. Of course, Auntie Tara made the cupcakes with all the trimmings.

With so few supplies in Fort St. John, I have to order most of my supplies from either Edmonton, Vancouver, Ontario and even sometimes overseas. I try not to order too much from the US since duties can be quite costly. Plus, you can find such a better selection in the big cities. So my vehicle was packed to top with cake boards, drums, colors, chocolate moulds, chocolates, a new turntable, a few new cake pans, plus a trip to Costco to stock up on baking supplies. My most treasured purchase was 3 silver plated scroll work cake stands. I have been wanting some for so long, but couldn't find any locally. I did the happy dance when I saw them and had to buy them on the spot.

Now, not only did I buy cake supplies, but I also did the usual spring shopping for my family, like shorts, t shirts, sandals and stuff. I even managed to snag myself some cool new jeans, capris, a brand new purse and some really cool new Cake books.

So now my cupboards (and closets) are bulging and ready for the upcoming wedding season!

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