Monday, January 4, 2010

My Claim to Fame

Well, not quite, but maybe... Today I was tinkering around getting ready for the upcoming bridal show this weekend in FSJ, when the phone rings. Guess what????? It was a reporter from our local TV station CJDC wanting to do a feature on ME later that day! I only had an hour to prepare - YIKES!!! Talk about a flurry of activity getting ready for it. Did I mention how nervous, stressed and freaked out I was? Anyway, Kathy arrived and totally made me feel at ease and made the interview rather fun. We talked about all the usual cake stuff and my past experience and what my goals are for the future. She said I did really well and, since I don't have cable, she would send me a copy of the interview! Yayy, I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

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