Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year...2015 Revisited!

Looking back over the year 2015 and I must say it was an busy year. We continued to design numerous wedding and celebration cakes.  Many exciting things happened this year. 

First, probably the most exciting thing to happen this year, was that my husband and I opened up an office in Fort St John for both our environmental consulting business and my cake design business.  When we were stetting up the office, I took one of the office spaces inside for my cake business. I wanted to have a place in town for clients to pick up their orders and also a place to hold client meetings. I wanted to move that aspect of my business away from my home. Even though I still have my commercial kitchen attached to my home, I just didn`t want clients coming to our residence. I wanted to restore a sense of  privacy. 

2015 was another busy year in the cake business. I always get asked,  "What is my favorite cake design?" That's hard to say because I do so many cool cakes during the year. However, looking back there were definitely some cakes that stood out. Here are just a few of my favorites...

On the non-business side of things, it was a busy year for our family. This year, we took a family vacation to the Yukon. It was amazing! I love the Yukon so much .. it is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. We are already planning a second trip.

It was also this year that I discovered a hidden passion... horses. I always sorta liked horses... FROM A DISTANCE. They were nice to look at, but that was IT! Nothing more. Well, my daughter has been taking riding lessons for some time and really wanted to get a horse. We live on an acreage so we had the room, but were waiting for just the right time. AN opportunity came up this past summer and my daughter acquired her first horse ASH. 

I was thrown in the deep end then. I had to start learning about horses REALLY fast. Not only did I start to learn how to care for them, I actually started to like them and wanted to be around them. The next thing I knew I was purchasing a horse for my self... EARL. I love spending time with him and have already signed up for my first Natural Horsemanship class. Wow...t's amazing how things change! I am excited to see what 2016 brings. 

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